Ceritera Kereta

21 Feb

Assalamulaikum wbt

Hopefully everyone is in the pink of health lah kan…actually kami hanya ada satu je kereta that originally own by us, the other car is not ours, it’s my BIL punye. The story begins like this, Along (my husband brother) trade in his Myvi to Alza (thru Perodua’s Agent), and he gone thru S&P thingy and bla bla bla and finally got his Alza. Ok DONE, at least that is what Along thought but alas it is not, the agent already took the down payment from somebody that I dont know who la..and he ran away with the down payment together with the Myvi. Ape lagi, marahlah buyer tu. Along lodges a police report and providentially the agent get caught. But, the buyer tu sudah tak mau buy the Myvi. ALong has to take back the Myvi, but Along cant afford to have 2 cars. After having a family meeting and discussion, they (the siblings) agree to enduring the misfortune, they agreed to help Along on settling down monthly installment, in return Along is still driving his Alza, Nan is driving his BBR, Achik is driving the Myvi, and Angah (Azman) is driving Achik’s car. So, that is why we have two cars sekarang. Let me share something when we are having two cars

1/ Pernah satu hari my husband call me and ask what time i’ll picked him up, and I said, you kan drive today. He totally forgot that he went to work on his own and waiting for me to pick him..aiyaa

2/ Azman usually went out late to work, so he’ll have some time to send Aisyah to baby sitter, and even though I went out early but I’ll go back early jugak. So I boleh pick up Aisyah. So she doesnt have to spent much time at baby sitter house.

3/ Sometimes we still drive one car to work. Plainly because we use the same road to work, it is just mine was a bit further. And we have to leave home a bit early, 15 mins early to drop Aisyah.

4/ Tapi on Friday, Azman will definitely drive on his own sebab in case he cant find friends to Solat Jumaat.

5/ If we drive a different car, sometimes Azman can settle things like i.e. renew road tax ke, bayar hutang kat bank ke, pergi pej. pos ke, so malam we can rest at home. Otherwise, we have to settle bayar hutang2 ni at night.

6/ In terms of fuel consumption and toll, definitely using 2 cars is a wasting of money.

7/ I find that car pool to work is much much better, as the spouse will have more time to spend together, chit chatting, update each other tapi kadang2 yang tak best tu gaduh pon ade :p

Achik's Car

Achik’s Car

I feel very guilty driving this car alone in the middle of traffic congestion

I feel very guilty driving wish alone in the middle of traffic congestion


Ok peeps…till then~~~


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