Aisyah Humaira Azman

8 Feb

Assalamualaikum wbt


Have you heard the song of Aisyah Humaira that sang by UNIC? If tak penah, go and youtube it. It’s a nice song. Okke bukan nak cakap about lagu tu actually. This is the chronicle of Aisyah Humaira Bt Azman, is a baby girl, that was born on 6th March 2012 3.42 pm at UMRA, Section 13 Shah Alam. Later i’ll review about UMRA. Aisyah lahir ikut tingkap aka caesarean. Orang cakap caesar ni sakit. It is indeed. For the first 6 days memang I was in hard pain. I cant stand straight, I cant sit properly. I cant even lie down on bed. Thus, I sit but I have to bend like hunchback. Throughout the pregnancy term, I didnt suffer from any problem. Aisyah doesnt even give me much trouble during the first trimester until I give birth. Only mild morning sickness. Her EDD was actually 12th March 2012 and she came out a week early. Tak sabar agaknye nak tengok dunia yang penuh pancaroba ni. And here we go, my confinement start. Susuku tidak keluar-keluar since Aisyah Humaira lahir, so we decided to give her S26. So, on the fourth day of confinement tu dah ade susu, I try to give her directly but she seems uncomfortable, thus I pump la..apa lagi…she was a bit cranky at night on the first month tu..wahh sangat la challenging okke.

1/ My mum came over just for 2 weeks, since she has to work after that. – Thank you mom, tolong mandikan Aisyah and jaga Aisyah and Aisyah didnt experience Jaundice. My mother mandikan dengan bunga cina tu Chrysanthemum kot..and dengan izin Allah juge.

2/ My MIL came over pulak but only for a week – Thank you mak, tolong masakkan kak ngah sup ikan haruan yang sedap. Sbb my mother tak pandai sangat masak. Like mother like daughter.

3/ After that went to stay at KRU (my fathers place) – extremely uncomfortable and went back home after 5 days there. My stepmother called midwife and midwife tu urut and uruskan Aisyah jugak. But, something bad happen, the midwife picit nipple Aisyah sampai keluar susu and after that her nipple swollen but not livid (thank god). We bring Aisyah to Dr. Tan and Dr. Tan said its not a serious case, and the paed prescribe us with a cream to sapu at her nipple. Dengan izin Allah juge, the swollen mellow down after 2 days. That is one of the reason jugak yang I want to balik rumah!!!!

Finally, the confinement period of 40days is over. Since I went off for ML early, its only 10 days left for my ML. We havent find any nursery yet sebab at first, we want to have maid in the house, my step mother already arrange for that. But we have a second thought of having stranger in our small house. And, only a week left for me to start working back. Macam mana ni. Ding dong ding dong, my step mother offer a hand to take care of Aisyah since she has two maids and nenek was here. Hmmm again, ujian dari Allah datang lagi, everytime fetch Aisyah, she looks so restless and tired. Rasa tak sedap hati and I was right. We need to do a quick decision.  Azman suggest went send her to my MIL place (Perak tu!!). I agree. Aisyah duduk dengan nenek about two months jugak la. We went back every week. Tired. Tapi demi anak. I’m happy she’s been taken care well by her nenek, tapi takkan nak balik every week!! kopak la kami. Start babysitter hunting. Got one (rantau panjang). Nice nenek. Alas, we have to gave her up. She still has mother and her mother is not well. Babysitter hunting again. Found one, at Meru, Kak Aida, sangat baik and so motherly, ade anak kembar yang sangat cumil giler. Alhamdulillah Aisyah is ok with Kak Aida sampai skrg.


Brief review about Hospital Bersalin UMRA. My friend introduce me to this so-called Hospital. At the very first time when I registered here, I already not so satisfied with the service. I cant manage to meet Dr Ummul during my first visit. Intentionally, I still want to continue my month to month check up here. Regardless of the service, the locum was good, they advised us as detailed as possible like from head to toe. We asked a lot of question since this is our first experience of having a baby. Extremely nervous. We jotted down case that we are not sure of from time to time so that we wont disregard important question when seeing the doctor.


What a looooonnnggg entry…


in the car without carseat (sgt bahaya, jangan tiru aksi ini)

in the car without carseat (sgt bahaya, jangan tiru aksi ini)

2 months at Cameron Highland with Azman

2 months at Cameron Highland with Azman

3 mo at Yangti's place

3 mo at Yangti’s place

2 mo at Langkawi..sleeping

2 mo at Langkawi..sleeping

6 days

6 days

ini budak sudah besau...9 mo

ini budak sudah besau…9 mo




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